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Lullabot Module Monday: Honeypot

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  • 0:03
    with Addison Berry
  • 0:05
    Spam is always a problem on a website.
  • 0:10
    And the Honeypot module takes a different angle than the classic,
  • 0:14
    perhaps, CAPTCHA, or something like that
  • 0:16
    that you might be using on your site, which
  • 0:18
    can be a real pain for your users.
  • 0:21
    And what Honeypot module does, it uses two methods
  • 0:24
    to try and catch, or create a Honeypot, basically a false trap,
  • 0:29
    for bots so that it can identify them and discard them.
  • 0:33
    And so the two methods that it uses is

Lullabot Module Monday: Honeypot


Honeypot module helps you stop spammers in a different way than the typical spam modules that put up barriers, like captchas. Spambots will typically hit a form like the user registration page, fill in all the fields, and submit the form. Honeypot adds a hidden field to the form that users won't see, but spambots will. If that form is filled in, you know you've found a bot and the submission is discarded. This tutorial will give you an overview of the Honeypot module, including the configuration and seeing how it works. This tutorial is based on a Module Monday post.