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Lullabot Module Monday: Menu Position

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  • 0:06
    [Menu Position] [Lullabot Module Monday with Addison Berry]
  • 0:12
    The Menu Position module is a very handy module
  • 0:15
    that helps manage things like breadcrumbs
  • 0:19
    for pieces of content that you don't necessarily want to put into a menu,
  • 0:23
    but you still want the breadcrumbs and menu items generated from that.
  • 0:28
    We're going to look at a Drupal 7 site.
  • 0:31
    We have some content here, so this is an article,
  • 0:34
    and if I go click on this article, you'll see that in the breadcrumb I just have home.
  • 0:38
    I don't have any indication of where this article is in terms of context.
  • 0:43
    Now, I have a view for all of my news items.

Lullabot Module Monday: Menu Position


In this Lullabot Module Monday lesson we walk through the useful Menu Position module. It's a word that can strike fear into the heart of the bravest site builder: Breadcrumbs. Manage them well, and you'll give visitors a helpful visual indicator of where they're at in your site. Miss a detail, and the weird inconsistencies will be more confusing than no breadcrumbs at all. The challenges stem from Drupal's "flat hierarchy" -- by default, almost all pages (including every node you create) live just beneath the home page itself in an undifferentiated pool of content. All of the visual cues it sends to visitors (breadcrumb trails, highlighted parent items in the navigation menus, and so on) start with that assumption until you override them. That's where the Menu Position module helps out. It lets you set up simple rules that tell Drupal where each node type should go in the site's hierarchy, then handles all of the frustrating details automatically.