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Lullabot Module Monday: TableField

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  • 0:03
    with Addison Berry
  • 0:06
    Sometimes, getting data that's in a table into a Drupal content type
  • 0:10
    can be a real pain.
  • 0:13
    There's lots of different ways that you can do it; creating a table
  • 0:16
    and having people fill it in, or creating fields and using views
  • 0:20
    to display them in a table, and that kind of a thing.
  • 0:22
    But Table Field is simply another field
  • 0:26
    that you can add to a content type,
  • 0:28
    and the entire field is a table.
  • 0:32
    And you can import a table from a CSV file,

Lullabot Module Monday: TableField


Drupal's custom fields allow site builders to tweak out their content types with all kinds of data: phone numbers, file uploads, maps, and more. When it comes to tabular information, though, most of us fall back on simple HTML tables in the body field. The TableField module aims to fix that by storing and editing data tables with a single consolidated Drupal field type. In this tutorial we'll give you an overview of how to use the TableField module. This tutorial is based on a Lullabot Module Monday article.