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Set up PhpStorm for Symfony 3 Development

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  • 0:04
    Set up PhpStorm for Symfony 3 Development Ryan Weaver
  • 0:08
    I've already opened the project in PhpStorm.
  • 0:10
    It is by far the best editor for working with Symfony.
  • 0:14
    And I'm not even getting paid to say this.
  • 0:17
    Though, if there are any PhpStorm employees watching,
  • 0:20
    I do accept payment in ice cream.
  • 0:23
    Anyway, it's awesome, but not free, but totally worth it.
  • 0:28
    It has a free trial, so go download it and follow along with me.
  • 0:33
    To get really crazy, you'll want to install the amazing,
  • 0:36
    incredible Symfony plugin.
  • 0:39
    This thing makes Symfony development so absurdly fun,
  • 0:42
    I'm going to walk you through its installation right now.
  • 0:45
    In Preferences, search for Symfony and click the Plugins option.
  • 0:51
    From here, click Browse Repositories
  • 0:54
    and then find the Symfony Plugin.
  • 0:56
    You'll recognize it as the one with 1.3 million downloads.
  • 1:01
    I already have it installed, but if you don't,
  • 1:03
    you'll see an Install Plugin button.
  • 1:05
    Click that and then restart PhpStorm.
  • 1:08
    Once you're back, go into Preferences again
  • 1:11
    and search for Symfony to find the new Symfony Plugin item.
  • 1:16
    To activate the magic,
  • 1:17
    click the Enable Plugin for this Project checkbox.
  • 1:20
    Do this once per project.
  • 1:23
    Oh, and also make sure that these paths say var/cache instead of app.
  • 1:29
    If you're interested in more PhpStorm tricks
  • 1:32
    we have an entire screencast on it for you to enjoy.
  • 1:34
    Ready to code?
  • 1:36
  • 1:37
    Before we break stuff, let's be good developers
  • 1:39
    and start a new Git repository.
  • 1:42
    Our terminal is blocked by the built-in web server,
  • 1:44
    so open up a new tab.
  • 1:47
    Here, run git init then git add.
  • 1:52
    The project already has a .gitignore file
  • 1:55
    that's set up to avoid committing anything we don't want,
  • 1:57
    like the vendor directory and the file that holds
  • 2:00
    database credentials.
  • 2:02
    Hey, thanks Symfony.
  • 2:04
    Make the first commit and give it a clever message,
  • 2:06
    hopefully, more clever than mine.

Set up PhpStorm for Symfony 3 Development


Learn how to set up the IDE PhpStorm for Symfony 3 development. In this lesson, you'll install the Symfony plugin. You'll also want to install the PHP Annotations plugin in the same manner. Finally, you'll initialize a new Git repository on your system.

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