SQL UPDATE and DELETE and phpMyAdmin

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  • 0:05
    with Leanna Pelham
  • 0:09
    When you're all done running queries, just type quit.
  • 0:13
    Now let's put this all together.
  • 0:15
    MySQL is a database software that runs on a server
  • 0:18
    and listens to port 3306.
  • 0:21
    We tell the MySQL program that there is a database software running
  • 0:25
    on some computer, and that it's waiting
  • 0:27
    for us to talk to it on port 3306.
  • 0:31
    In this case, the databases is right on our computer,
  • 0:33
    so we use localhost instead of the IP address of some other machine.
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SQL UPDATE and DELETE and phpMyAdmin


We're going to bring things together in this tutorial by finishing the basic queries of UPDATE and DELET, along with SHOW. Then we'll wrap things up by taking a look at the most popular MySQL GUI, phpMyAdmin.

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