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Twig Global Variables and block function

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  • 0:05
    with Leanna Pelham
  • 0:10
    I've got two more bonuses from Twig.
  • 0:13
    In every template, you have access to a variable called app.
  • 0:17
    This has a bunch of useful things on it, like the request, the security
  • 0:21
    context, the user object, and the session.
  • 0:30
    It's actually an object called global variables,
  • 0:34
    which you can check out yourself.
  • 0:37
    So when you need one of these things, remember app.
  • 0:48
    Next, head to our base template.
  • 0:50
    Right now, the title tag is boring.
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Twig GlobalVariables and block function


In this tutorial we're going to wrap things up by taking a look at some quick, simple tips for working with Twig. We're going to explain what GlobalVariables is, and then play with the block function and clean up some whitespace issues.

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