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What's New in Drupal 8: Multilingual

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  • 0:03
    with Addison Berry
  • 0:04
    So welcome to What's New in Drupal 8, the multilingual
  • 0:08
    edition of this.
  • 0:10
    In this short presentation, we're going to cover the changes
  • 0:15
    in Drupal 8 for multilingual.
  • 0:16
    And we'll start off by describing what the problem is with Drupal 7,
  • 0:20
    and how Drupal 8 is addressing these issues.
  • 0:23
    And then we'll walk through the things
  • 0:24
    that you're going to need to know in Drupal 8
  • 0:27
    in order to work with Multilingual.
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What's New in Drupal 8: Multilingual


This video was part of a series of presentations produced in anticipation of Drupal 8's official release. For information about multilingual sites based on official releases of Drupal 8, take a look at our Multilingual sites topic.


This presentation outlines some of the major changes to the Drupal core multilingual system. A lot of features that were in contributed modules have been rolled into core, and a number of existing multilingual features have been greatly improved. There are a lot of cool new things to get up to speed with. In this video, we'll review:

  • New and obsolete modules
  • UI changes
  • Developer changes

After watching this presentation you should have a better understanding of the things you'll need to learn to get up to speed with the new multilingual features in Drupal 8, including things to watch for on the module development and theming sides.

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