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Working with Git on

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    [Working with Git on with Blake Hall]
  • 0:05
    [Blake Hall]: One of the more popular tools
  • 0:07
    for working with Git repositories is GitHub.
  • 0:09
    In this lesson, we'll take a look at cloning an existing repository,
  • 0:12
    creating a few changes,
  • 0:14
    creating a pull request,
  • 0:16
    and looking at how we can automatically merge
  • 0:18
    that pull request with the web UI.
  • 0:20
    If you want to share your Git repository with the world,
  • 0:22
    GitHub is a great place to do so.
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Working with Git on


GitHub is a great, free service that lets you share your Git repositories online with others. In this lesson Blake gives a quick tour of our Git Series Example GitHub project, and then explains how pull requests work, letting you merge changes into the repository through the UI. Feel free to try it out by adding jokes to our new jokes.txt file!

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