Drupalize.Me Live from Denver, Colorado

This is what happens when you take the Drupalize.Me team and tell them that they need to run the sponsor booth during DrupalCon Denver. We started thinking about what we could do at the booth, things like rig up a TV so that people can watch Drupalize.Me videos played via our Roku app, and maybe an iPad or two so that we can show off the mobile capabilities... and wait just a moment. What if we get a big cardboard box and cut a TV out of it and just re-enact videos? It'll be hilarious! And thus Drupalize.Me Live was born.

We probably won't have a cardboard box cut-out, as after some initial planning we realized it really cuts down the viewing angles, but there will be other props for sure. And best of all, we recruited all of our friends from the Lullabot team to come share in the fun. We came up with a list of things that we thought would be fun to talk about and gave everyone some basic guidelines (like 8-10 minutes max) and then let them loose to come up with ideas. The details are still being worked out but I've been overhearing people talking about what they're going to teach and it sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. A Drupal Primer, Getting Involved with the Community, How to Create Patch, and Playing in the Git Sandbox are just a few of the topics. And if I know our team, I suspect there will be not only some good advice but a lot of good laughs too.

So if you're going to be at DrupalCon Denver in March plan on stopping by the Drupalize.Me booth (#105) on Wednesday during breaks (10:15, 3:15) and at lunch (12:00) and learn some new tricks.

p.s. We also have a really cool new sticker we'll be handing out. Follow us on Twitter @drupalizeme or Like us on Facebook to get a sneak peek before DrupalCon!

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