Joe Shindelar

Joe Shindelar is a developer, artist and snowboarding enthusiast who has been building Drupal sites and participating in Drupal core development since 2006. Joe is a sought-after presenter who has spoken at numerous Drupal camps, 'cons, and events about everything from code-level development to user interface, design, and community involvement. Joe is also very active in the Drupal issue queue where he has helped to develop and improve Drupal's image handling and manipulation features, contextual links, and various other bits and pieces. More recently Joe has been working as a member of the Drupal Documentation Working Group to help improve the guidelines, policies, and overall quality of Drupal's documentation.

When he started with Lullabot in 2010 Joe's first job was to assist with on-site training for Lullabot's clients. During those first few years he wracked up few hundred hours teaching in person workshops. In between workshops Joe helped to build Drupalize.Me, converting the knowledge and experience gained from those teaching engagements into an online service that allows far more people to learn Drupal. Those early workshops continue to influence the work Joe does today and he's always looking for ways to make the online learning experience more personal, and effective.

Joe is a strong believer in the power of knowledge sharing and was attracted to Drupal and the open-source community in general because of the willingness of others to share their hard learned lessons. Keeping with the spirit Joe frequently participates in both local and national Drupal events and online at where he goes by the name eojthebrave.

Joe is passionate about education and after 7 1/2 years at numerous colleges and various majors Joe has wracked up a diverse list of credits and is always on the lookout for new things to learn and new ways to combine what he already knows. Joe enjoys the "Aha!" moment that students experience when after several failed attempts they get it and say, "This is awesome!" and the experience of watching his students expand their own knowledge and go on to accomplish amazing things.

When he's not working on or with Drupal, Joe also teaches snowboarding. He is a professional certified level II instructor with freestyle accreditation; teaching since 2006, and helping train other instructors through teaching workshops. He's also a regular volunteer at his local Coder Dojo helping teach the next generation of developers about how cool the internet is.

You can find Joe as @eojthebrave on Twitter, and on

Lead Developer & Lead Trainer