Release Day: Finishing up the Entity Series

Well, today we finally wrap up our custom entity we've been working with in the Working with Entities in Drupal 7 series. To finish things up, we will be improving our entity property information, so that other parts of Drupal, like Views, can really make the best use of the data we have to present. We'll also explore entity metadata wrappers, which will make it much easier for us, and others, to get access to the info about our entities. The final lesson in this series adds revisions to our entity, so that people can track changes to it over time. Once we're done there, we have a nice, solid custom entity to accomplish our needs in a clean way.

Now that we've explored the world of Drupal entities and the Entity API module, we are going to change direction next week with our new series: Learning Sass and Compass. We're diving into CSS preprocessors, specifically Sass, and we'll walk you all the way through from installing and getting all set up, to having fun with Sass mixins and Compass commands.


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