Release Day: Migration Field Mapping

In this week's lessons for the Importing Data With Migrate and Drupal 7 series we get a good look at our field mappings. This is the time that we make sure our source data is being properly handled and getting to the right destination fields in our Drupal site's database. We walk through basic field mapping, and see how that looks and works in the site UI, as well as with Drush. Then we explore different ways we can transform source data during the migration process, so that it matches what our destination field is expecting. We take a look at concatenating some fields, and using the Date module to make sure our dates actually work properly in our destination. We wrap things up this week by looking at some neat tools that help you collaborate with team members by exposing things like descriptions of mappings, adding questions, and linking to issues within the migration itself.

Next week we're going to handle a few more tricky things like getting related information into our migration, by linking up team data to our player data, as well as dealing with multi-value fields, and talking about how creating stub data can help us out.

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