Recent Site Updates

Over the last few weeks, we've made several updates to the site. Most of these updates were backend and infrastructure tweaks, which help us provide the smooth service you've come to expect. But here are some notable user-facing improvements we've made:

Blog Page Design

Recently, we've ramped up considerably the amount of blog content we're publishing. So we've made some design tweaks to compress more blog posts onto the overview page

Bitrate Selector

Where did the bitrate selector go? Don't panic! We moved it below the video player with the other controls. Previously, some members found it hard to locate the bitrate selector. We hope this new location is more intuitive. Here is a screenshot for reference:


Billing and Invoice Management

Last month, we switched all of our billing services to Recurly. The account management experience is vastly improved now. This is a big win, both for our team and for our members. You can read more about what changed in this blog post.

Work in Progress

Finally we've been working hard on redesigns for some of our key pages, including our home page, about page, and video series page. Here is a teaser to whet your appetite:

As always, thank you for your continued feedback.



Could you enable searchingly video titles? I am new to, but I have built some Drupal sites. Although I know a fair amount there are holes in my knowledge. I find it very difficult to find things in this site.

I am a librarian and indexer by profession. I live in providence, ri and would be glad to talk with someone about my user experience.

Thank you for this service. When I locate the videos I need, I find them very helpful.

Hi Susan, Thanks for the suggestion. We've got some plans in the pipeline that we're hoping will help improve the search experience on our site, including possibly adding the ability to search just keywords in the video title. For now though your best bet is to use the search tool located in the top right. In it's current state it doesn't limit the search to just titles but it does heavily weight keywords that are in a videos title.

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