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In March of this year Drupalize.Me, along with Lullabot, made a donation to become an anchor sponsor for the Drupal 8 Accelerate Fund. We're happy to be a key part of getting this fund kicked off, and the community has been rallying to fill the fund on Crowdrise. In an effort to inspire more donations to the cause we're joining the fundraising team with some fun things that we hope inspire you to contribute as well. If you support Drupal 8 with $50 or more, through our Crowdrise page, we have some good stuff for you. (Keep in mind that all of this is based on donations to the Drupal 8 Accelerate Fund, and we do not receive any of this money ourselves.) We're going to give away one annual Drupalize.Me membership, and we'll be creating some free video lessons.

One Free Annual Membership

To win a free annual membership to Drupalize.Me, all you have to do is donate $50 towards the Drupal 8 Accelerate Fund from our Crowdrise page. We'll automatically put your name in the running for the free membership. We're going to draw the winner on June 5, 2015.

Choose Our Videos

For those who are even more generous with a $100 donation, in addition to getting a chance to win the membership, you will be able to select a video tutorial for us to create and publish for free. We have a list of single-video tutorials below which you can select from. Once you make your donation, we'll get in touch with you, through the email you used on Crowdrise, to choose your video. We'll add that video to our production pipeline and make it available for free. We'll even add your name to the video page, and explain that you generously sponsored the tutorial while also supporting Drupal 8. That's a whole lot of win for $100!

Here are the topics we have to choose from. We'll update the list with taken topics as they go. If you have an idea for a short video topic that you'd like to see, drop us a line and we'll let you know if it's suitable to be added to the list.

  • Reset your user id 1 password with Drush
  • Put fields of a node in a sidebar using just Views
  • Put a carousel on your home page
  • Post to twitter from your site
  • Add proximity search with Geofield
  • Display custom block content in search results (Tojio)
  • Automatically send a confirmation email with Entity Registration
  • Display related content on your nodes (e.g. "More Like This"...)
  • Map locations based on a user's location with Leaflet
  • Use LightBox with Drupal Commerce
  • Create SSH keys (e.g. for use with Git)
  • Install and use the Drupal 8 / Symfony2 bridge plugin in PhpStorm
  • Theme individual fields in node templates
  • Installation and configuration of a module (Note that this applies to most projects on, but we will only create one video tutorial of up to 15 minutes long, so if it is a complex module, or there are many modules in a project, we will only cover what is reasonable in 15 minutes.)

As a community we need to help push Drupal 8 over the finish line. If you have been thinking about donating, this is the time to do it and get even more bang for your buck. Go donate now!

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