What's New at Drupalize.Me - September

Drupalize.Me Update, September 2015

It's that time again! Here's an overview of our big accomplishments in September.

DrupalCon and Drupal 8

This month Joe and Addison attended DrupalCon Barcelona, attending sessions, making connections, and getting the low-down on the upcoming Drupal 8 release candidate (RC). Bottom line? An RC of Drupal 8 is expected to hit Drupal.org very soon! What does that mean for Drupalize.Me? All our curriculum planning and tutorial writing of Drupal 8 material is kicking into high gear. In order to better ensure the quality and accuracy of our training videos and tutorials, we're anxiously awaiting a release candidate before we begin recording. We shouldn't have to wait much longer now!

Tutorials and blog posts

We published a great new series: Integrate Node.js with Drupal.

In this series, over the course of 9 tutorials, Will shows you how to integrate Node.js with Drupal using the Node.js Integration module. This was his first full series—congratulations, Will! Now start working on your next series...

We were also busy blogging throughout the month. Joe taught us how to Speed Up CasperJS Tests by Skipping Unnecessary HTTP Resources. And we started a new series where we interview people in the Drupal community. Addison kicked off this series with Meet Drupal Site Builder Danita Bowman. We then met front-end developer Kris Bulman and project manager Alice Jensen.

Site features

We made lots of UX tweaks and bug fixes in September. And we owe YOU a debt of gratitude for this. Each time you find something wonky on the site and notify support, we add it to a list—then we fix it!

Finally, we spent time working on an awesome new feature. But we'll tell you more about that next month...

Until then, we want to hear your thoughts about our new tutorials and site features. Please leave your comments below.

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It would be really helpful if there will be tutorial for angular js integration with drupal.

Hi amitjain4u2,

Coming soon will be a series I worked on all about Decoupled Drupal. While I don't explicitly cover Angular.js the techniques in the series for exposing JSON from Drupal are the same. I'm hoping to expand the series in the future with additional tutorials about other javascript frameworks (Angular.js, React.js, etc) sometime in the future.

If you'd like to see anything in particular about Angular.js, feel free to leave us a suggestion here: https://drupalize.me/suggestions

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