We're Moving to Pantheon

We’re happy to announce that we are moving the Drupalize.Me site to Pantheon hosting. We’re glad to deepen our partnership and take advantage of Pantheon’s great tools to support ourselves. Moving a site to new infrastructure is always a big task, so we’re going to share our process with you as we make the move.

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Why Pantheon?

Our site has been running fine as is for a long time. So why are we moving to Pantheon? We have been hosting and managing the site on Linode for several years—and we really do like Linode hosting. In the past we were fortunate to be part of a bigger company, Lullabot, which has a system administrator on staff to manage the servers for us. Now that we’ve split into our own company, we really need to take over that management ourselves. But we’re a very small company and do not have anyone we can dedicate to the task. Using a managed hosting service like Pantheon just makes sense for us. We can focus on creating great content while someone else takes care of making sure the servers stay up and secure. Pantheon is fast, secure, and specifically tuned for Drupal sites.

In addition to great hosting, the Pantheon Multidev feature works very much like our current processes and tools for managing review and quality assurance. Having this baked into the infrastructure we are using instead of building and maintaining our own external tools is a huge win for us. This removes yet another distraction from our core business.

Our journey

We’re going to document our journey through a series of blog posts over the coming months. Currently we are tidying up our customizations and preparing to do the switchover at the end of August. In the coming months we’ll be writing about:

  • Infrastructure migration overview: how the migration process works and some of the tricky bits we needed to take into account.
  • Load testing: how we conducted load testing both before and after the migration, and what we saw.
  • New Multidev workflow: how we use Pantheon’s Multidev to help us get work done faster and better.
  • Attaining PCI compliance: what we needed to do to ensure we maintained PCI compliance on the new infrastructure.

We’re excited about our new infrastructure and invite you to follow along!

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We welcome you with open arms and look forward to this documented journey!

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