Dive in to DrupalCon

Next week, my colleagues Amber, Ashley, and I are headed to Seattle for DrupalCon. Our updated Theming Drupal 8 workshop, which Amber and I will conduct all day Tuesday, is sold out — but we’ll be hanging out at the Lullabot booth from time to time. So, stop by to say hi, and pick up a sticker or one of our new Drupal + Twig cheat sheets — perfect to keep by your computer as you code.

If this is your first DrupalCon, or you consider yourself a new learner, I’ve compiled a list of events and classes below that look great for those just diving in. Reach out to me on Twitter @eojthebrave if you’ve got questions.


Drupal’s founder talks about the current state of Drupal development and his vision for the future.

OOP: The Quest For Pokemon
Learn fundamentals of OOP, required knowledge for anyone developing code for Drupal 8. - https://drupalize.me/topic/object-oriented-php

Introduction to Drupal 8 Migrations
Get an overview of this important tool for anyone wanting to migrate content from an existing CMS (including previous versions of Drupal) into Drupal 8. - https://drupalize.me/topic/import-data-migrate-api

Configuration Management: A True Life Story
Configuration management is one of the hallmark features of Drupal 8, and something everyone working on Drupal 8 site development needs to be familiar with. - https://drupalize.me/series/configuration-management

Beyond the Screen Reader - Humanizing Accessibility
Always an important topic for anyone building web applications.

DevOps: Why, How and What
Learn about the local development tools that that the Drupal community uses for development, and why.

Pattern Lab: The Definitive How-to
Learn how to implement the popular Pattern Lab spec in Drupal themes.

The New Layout Builder: Unleash the Power!
New in Drupal 8.7, the Layout Builder module provides a UI for customizing the layout of any page in Drupal.

Why will JSON:API go into core?
Hint: It already did. As of 8.7 JSON API will be included with Drupal core. Learn about what it is, and how it makes creating RESTful web APIs with Drupal easier. - https://drupalize.me/topic/web-services

Autopsy of Vulnerabilities
Learn about how Drupal is kept secure through the discovery and patching of security vulnerabilities. - https://drupalize.me/topic/minor-version-and-security-updates

Diversity & Inclusion: Building a Stronger Drupal Community
Learn about the ongoing work to make Drupal a more diverse, and more inclusive, community.

Make Your Website Faster By Saving Images Correctly
Learn about optimizing your images for the web.


Advanced Webforms
Learn about the super popular Webform module for creating surveys, contact forms, and more.

Cracking Drupal
Investigate common security issues with Drupal code, how to prevent them, and other tips for keeping your site secure. - https://drupalize.me/topic/security

Building an Intuitive Admin: Usability for the Forgotten End-User
Tips for creating intuitive administration interfaces in Drupal.

Tricked Out Exposed Filters and Facets
Learn about unique uses for Views module’s exposed filters and facets.

Layout Builder in the Real World
Real world examples of Drupal 8.7’s new Layout Builder module.

Avoiding Trouble Spots When Creating a Multilingual Site
Learn to navigate the pitfalls of successfully deploying a multilingual Drupal 8 site.

The Imaginary Band of Drupal Rock Stars
Sometimes we talk about people doing work in the Drupal community with terms such as "rock star". How does the language we use affect our behavior?

Front-end Web Performance Clinic 2019
Learn the ins and outs of measuring, and fixing, front-end web performance.

Expecto Patronum: Harry Potter and the Linux Command Line
An introduction to the command line. - https://drupalize.me/series/command-line-basics-series

Behavior-Driven Development in Drupal 8 with Behat
Learn about adding integration test coverage to your project.

Amazing Emails from Drupal 8
Learn how to get Drupal 8 to send better, prettier, emails.

Drupal 9 is coming: Getting your code ready
Learn what’s required to get your custom code ready for Drupal 9 before it’s released.