Capitalcamp Workshop on Community Tools

I'm very excited to be headed to Washington, DC next week to take part in CapitalCamp. We're doing a new kind of workshop. It is a free, three-hour workshop on getting up to speed with the Drupal community tools. Kyle and I are going to talk about the tools we have, why they are useful to you even if you don't want to contribute, and then get hands-on with actually using these things. It's gonna be a blast!

  • Part 1: Communication and Finding what you need is going to cover the basics of how the Drupal community works and take a tour of the resources we have. We'll get hands-on working in the issue queue and getting everyone into IRC to have some real-time chat with the community.
  • Part 2: Local Development Environment will get everyone set up with their own local Drupal installation and take a tour of the awesome Drush module. Having a local dev environment is key to working efficiently, and safely, both with the community and on your own projects.
  • Part 3: Git is a very important tool because that is how all changes to everything within Drupal itself get made. Everyone should use version control on all projects and we're going to explain why, then show you how to get started.

There is also a code sprint that will be happening at the same time, so you can pop in to get help with getting things set up, and then use your new knowledge at the code sprint to put it all into action right away.

We hope to see you there!

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