The Command Line Basics Series


In the last few weeks you may have noticed we've been releasing a series of free videos about using the command line: Command Line Basics. There are a total of 12 videos in the series, each only between 6 to 15 minutes long, and we'll be continuing to release them over the coming weeks until we get them all out there. The entire series will be free. These videos were originally created for but we decided they were such useful videos that we wanted to make sure our members got a chance to see them, as well as have extra niceties, like being able to add them to your queue.

The Command Line Basics series covers a lot of the basic tasks that you need to use a *nix command line (like Linux and Unix, even Mac OS X since that is a Unix-based operating system). Many people come to learning the command line much like I did, out of necessity, not desire. I was tossed into situations where I had to log in to a server and didn't have all of my comfortable GUI tools to help me. I made these videos with a complete beginner in mind, although I found some new tricks along the way while making them, and even if you are comfortable on the command line you may find a trick or two worth keeping as well.

This series starts out with simple tasks like just getting around and moving your files. It then goes on to cover permissions, archiving (zip and tar), symbolic links, connecting to a remote server securely (ssh and scp), and searching (locate, find and grep). There are also three videos to cover the basics of using the command line text editor vi (and vim), which I found to be essential when I was thrown onto the servers. The series finishes up with a video about all kinds of keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed things up.

I hope you find the series as useful as I do (I sometimes still refer to my own videos :-)) and I look forward to getting more videos out the door soon.

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