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Are you finding yourself searching for some new icons to use on your latest project? Drupalize.Me loves helping out the Drupal community, and people in general, so for this post I thought it would be fitting to provide you with a carefully designed free icon set. In fact, this is not the first time a 'Bot has provided a free icon set. Check out Nate Haug's icon set from 2006 on Lullabot.com.

Icons are powerful visual aids that can quickly communicate information to people both on and off the web. I have designed a Drupal-inspired blue drop version as well as a standard circular color version for you to use however you'd like. Each set has 28 icons, and you can even give them your own colorful twist to match your brand as I have provided the illustrator file for you. I really hope you find these helpful and would love to see how you have used them on your projects. Below is a preview of the icons for both the drop and color versions, download the file attached for the full package.

Icon Set Preview


Absolutely free. Plus, as mentioned, the Illustrator file is provided for you, so you are free to make modifications. These are licensed under the GNU General Public License. This license means that you are granted full rights to modify the icons however you feel. However, if you use these icons or the source files as the base for your own new icons or iconset, you also must make your modified source files available upon request. I would love to see how you've used these in your projects.


Hey Fabio,

We appreciate you reaching out and asking to provide our icon set on your site! I see for one of your icon sets you display the author and link to their site. If you could display Drupalize.Me as the author and link to http://drupalize.me we would be ok with you offering PNG's of our icons on Lorem Icon. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Icons are more useful. It is more powerful and easy one for user to understand than reading as paragraph. Thanks for your useful information that you are granted full rights to modify the icon however as our wish. I am happy to see this and I will use it in my upcoming projects. I always love to use icons on my site because it quickly communicate information to people. I am thankful to you for your free icon package. Many people make use of it.

I love reading your articles and I shared it with my friends.People also like it and give good feedback. Thank you.

I am glad to see this and I will utilize it in my forthcoming tasks. I generally love to utilize symbols on my site since it rapidly impart data to individuals. I am appreciative to you for your free symbol bundle. Numerous individuals utilize it.

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