Endeavors Old and New: A Year-End Reflection on Sharing

Three years ago, Lullabot—where I had worked for years as a developer, trainer, and eventually director—decided to spin off its training website Drupalize.Me into its own company, and I got the extraordinary opportunity to become CEO. Lullabot Education was born.

Part of the process of creating our company — a vital process — was deliberating what kind of company we wanted to be. We really focused on our vision: what we wanted to do and the values that we would rely on to take us there. We wove concepts like craft, creativity, kindness, and collaboration into the fabric of our daily work.

Last year around this time, we made our Lullabot Education handbook available on GitHub. We did so for two reasons: First, we wanted people who interact with us — customers, partners, communities, and potential employees — to have a more complete picture of who we are. Our handbook reflects the values we worked to articulate.

Second (and this is central to what I’ve been reflecting on in this season of reflection), we love to share. It’s our job. We share what we learn in the web tech world with the wider world. We do our best to respond to all feedback on our website. When someone points out problems, we try our hardest to get them resolved quickly. As a group, we’re both willing and interested in helping people get their questions answered.

We really made an effort this year to not only keep our content updated as new Drupal releases came out, but to spend time reworking content to make the learning process as easy as possible. As we move into 2019, we’re also expanding our hands-on content and organizing tutorials to help learners accomplish their goals without getting overwhelmed. In short, we're always trying to improve people’s learning experiences.

Moving into Node.js?

Our most exciting development of the year is that we’re exploring beyond Drupal. Not because we don't still love Drupal, but because we recognize that there is more to being a well-rounded developer than just a single technology. We’re still dedicated to Drupal and our community, and we want to extend that into other open source projects.

One question we’ve been asking ourselves: “How about Drupalize.Me for Node.js?” We know Node.js use is growing. We also know from the 2018 Node.js User Survey Report that newer Node users feel more could be done to improve the learning experience. We’ll continue to actively explore where this will lead us in terms of training and sharing our knowledge.

Travel with us!

On that note, I leave you with a request: whether as a beginner or an advanced learner, if you’re learning Node.js, sign up for our new mailing list. We'll (very) occasionally send you email newsletters about the best Node.js learning resources, as well as updates on the progress on our new Node.js tutorial site under construction.

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Thank you so much for your business and your camaraderie, and wishing you all the best in the year to come.



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