Everyone Can Try Drupal 8 Today

Back in June, I wrote up a little blog post with some tips for getting a developer environment setup. Recently, I've been working on a new learning series and set up Vagrant for local development. Both experiences left me thinking "Ugh!" It requires so much work just to start working! For a developer, this is time well spent. But not everyone who works with Drupal is a developer. In fact, the list of non-developers who want a peek at Drupal is longer than you might originally think. It includes project managers, designers, account managers, content editors, etc... 

So I want to tell you about one of my favorite sites: simplytest.me. This amazing site was created by Patrick Drotleff and facilitates the creation of a temporary Drupal installation. (We love the site so much we GitTip Patrick weekly.) The Drupal site you build using simplytest.me only lasts 30 minutes. But you're automatically logged in as an administrator, so there's no wasting time. Generally, I've found it takes fewer than 5 minutes to get your sandbox up and running.

If you've been thinking about taking Drupal 8 for a test drive, but don't want the overhead of creating the developer environment, simplytest.me is a great solution. In the following video I show you how to create your own Drupal 8 sandbox, and I hope you do.

If you're a non-developer or even a developer who's been procrastinating with regard to Drupal 8, and you found this helpful—let us know!





Thanks for this! I'm sharing this with my team. They are often curious where Drupal 8 is at and this is a great way to get updated!

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