Issue Forks and Merge Requests Demo at the Portland Drupal User Group

At the Portland Drupal User Group meeting, we had as a special guest, Tim Lehnen (hestenet on from the Drupal Association, who walked us through the new Issue Forks and Merge Requests features on We also talked about how this will help smooth the way for contributors to Drupal projects.

Links mentioned in the meetup

Blog series on the Developer Tools Initiative

Live preview with TugboatQA

Also mentioned was the newly-launched Live preview with TugboatQA feature!

Contribution opportunities

We also talked about ways folks could get started with contributing to Drupal. Suggestions included:

  • Read the docs! The guide, Quick information for new contributors will help you get started contributing to Drupal.
  • Joining the Drupal Slack ( community for your local Drupal community (Portland's is #drupal-pdx and asking folks there for suggestions or mentoring.)
  • Participating in an online Drupal camp. Drupal events often have contribution days and mentors to help contributors find issues and learn the process of contributing. DrupalCampNYC 2020 happening now (Nov. 12-14, 2020) is one example. And DrupalCon Europe is coming up in December.

We're excited about the new tools for contributors and thankful for all the work both volunteers and people at the Drupal Association have put into this initiative. #DrupalThanks!

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