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We're very excited about this new series for Web Services in Drupal 8. It has been our most-requested topic and we got to work with Mateu Aguiló Bosch to write it. If you have been looking to work on a decoupled Drupal project, or just need to dive into web service APIs, this series will teach you the tools you need and how to create a solid API for your needs. You'll learn what is needed to read and write content (nodes, taxonomy terms, users, etc.) and configuration (blocks, menus, permissions, etc.), along with important topics for the architecture of your API like presentation versus content, security, and documentation.

This series was written by one of the top web services experts in Drupal, Mateu Aguiló Bosch (e0ipso), one of the creators and maintainers of the Drupal JSON API module, amongst others, and a member of the Drupal 8 API-first initiative team. He's also part of the team that created Contenta CMS, an API-first Drupal distribution designed to be a great platform for decoupled Drupal projects. We're pleased to bring Mateu's expertise to Drupalize.Me.

Tutorials in this series

We're always listening to your requests and working on new content. Currently, we have several new series in the works dealing with site building, automated testing, performance, and development workflows. We're planning to have site building and automated testing released in the next 2 months. As always, we love to hear from you. What are the biggest topics you need for Drupal 8?

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