My DrupalEasy Journey: Minor Bumps in the Road

I began my DrupalEasy journey with the greatest of intentions. Jumping in head first, I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, set up a new local development environment — I highly recommend DDEV for its power and flexibility, and because it allows development teams to use Docker in their workflow — and reacquainted myself to Composer and the command line. If there was a roll, I was on it.

Then week 2 happened. What I learned then is that unfortunately, having a teacher doesn’t automatically make the path to Drupal proficiency a smooth, easy ascent to greatness — at least not for me. The greatest challenge that I encountered, and totally underestimated, was the whole concept of time.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re learning Drupal while also working a full-time job. This was fine when I was teaching myself on my own time. But with an actual course like DrupalEasy, I totally underestimated the time commitment of scheduled class times and assignments. While the homework is optional, I have to at least attempt it to get the most out of the course.

In week 2, I had a vacation, a wedding, and a team retreat on my calendar. To say I fell behind in the class is an understatement. On top of catching up with email and work tasks, I now had to find time to watch hours of video lecture and complete the homework assignments. The class was learning without me and I felt totally frazzled.

I realized I had to get focused — to get really intentional with my time and plan, plan, plan. It was the only way to balance Drupal, work, and life. Thankfully, both Michael (my instructor) and Addi (my boss) were extremely supportive. I also knew there was a gap week scheduled that would allow me time to catch up. (Hello gap week!) Soon, I’ll be right back in line with all of my classmates as if I had been there all along.

So if your Drupal journey is anything like mine, know there’ll be bumps along the way. Mine was time. Just don’t let a bump on your path become a deterrent. It’s okay to fall behind or get a bit lost. Just don’t stop. There’s hope. Your “gap week” is approaching.


I totally understand that time thing - I love working with Drupal sites, but every time I look at something new I wonder if my brain can soak it in.
That said, since we can never learn it 'All' we can always be plugging away it. every day we learn something we know more than yesterday.
The trick is to learn faster than we forget ;-)

I think it is perfectly okay to go at the pace your schedule and social life allow.

Even sitting in on the classes and office hours, I review the recordings and written documentation, sometimes in the middle of the night like now. :)

While I think it would be ideal to be part of the flow so we can all learn together, you are still part of the class by my book going at the pace that suits you.

The course extends beyond our 12 weeks together with office hours and the community.

You got this. I, for one, support your pace. Your course might be 24 weeks! That's okay.


Managing time is one of the greatest challenge when you are studying and working full time. But knowing your story I agree that there is always hope when you never stop. The road is never been an easy way. There’s a lot of hardships and bumps along the way but when you see the fruits of your labor, it is very satisfying. You have my admiration because I also experienced the same when I worked in resumesplanet.

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