New Drupal Learning Community

Last week we launched the Drupalize.Me Community beta and we’d like you to join us. The community is open to everyone, not just Drupalize.Me members. We created this learning community to provide support for all kinds of folks working with and learning Drupal. More than just content and resources, this is a safe and supportive place to ask, share, and learn. You can take your Drupal practice to the next level by connecting with other Drupalers with a wide range of experience and knowledge. You’ll be able to:

  • Have our team point you in the right direction for solving problems
  • Get different perspectives on questions from the whole community
  • Share wins and frustrations with people who get it
  • Work on your Drupal skills and get feedback with fun challenges
  • Talk live with our team and other folks during our office hours and co-working sessions

This community is brand new and we plan to see it grow into a meaningful space for people to connect and support each other on their Drupal journeys. In the future we’ll be adding more community features and resources for topics beyond Drupal itself, such as communication skills, leadership, mental health, etc. We’d love to build this community with you, to fit your needs.

Come grow with us

Join the community today with a 14-day free trial. If you're a Drupalize.Me member you also have a special link to the community on your dashboard, which provides a discount when you sign up.

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