New Tutorial: Install Drupal Locally with DDEV

On the Drupalize.Me team, we're fans of using DDEV to install Drupal locally. We use DDEV for development work on the site, tutorial demo sites, and workshops. While the Drupal community is spoiled for choice when it comes to options for local development, we've chosen DDEV for a lot of reasons (which we'll get into in this tutorial), but mostly because we use it every day and it works great.

In this tutorial, which is based on a documentation page we also maintain, we walk you through how to install Drupal with DDEV. Installing Drupal is an essential skill for site builders and module developers alike. And if you're a bit new to using the command line, this tutorial will give you an opportunity to practice using Composer and Drush -- two more essential tools in Drupal development and site building.

We hope you'll check out this tutorial and add it to your bookmarks for future reference: Install Drupal Locally with DDEV. We've made it free for all, so feel free to share it with your Drupal friends.

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