New Voices, Important Topics at the 2021 Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Camp

Drupal Diversity & Inclusion, an independent working group within the Drupal community, is holding the first ever Drupal Diversity & Inclusion (DDI) Camp! The aim of the working group is to bring new voices and important topics together into a relaxed and fun virtual conference. You are invited to join Addi, Ashley, and myself online this weekend, August 13 & 14, for two days of fantastic content from community speakers.

There is something amazing about attending a conference and feeling like you’ve found your people. In the case of the DDI Camp happening this weekend, I think it will be amazing to discover something—rather, someone—new in a community I thought I knew pretty well after over a decade of involvement.

Drupal folks have been putting on events for ages now and you might think that in such a “mature” community, there really isn’t anything new to learn or anyone new to hear from. Or you might feel that while you’re steadily learning more about Drupal, you’ve yet to find a career path or a niche in the community where you can get involved in a meaningful way.

I think that the DDI Camp will be a place where you can hear about important topics from a variety of perspectives and in doing so refresh your understanding of a subject important to you and your work. I think it will also be an opportunity to learn about promising career pathways that reinvigorate your aspirations for the future.

Browse the 2-day program here, which includes topics such as:

  • Career pathways in Drupal
  • People management
  • Supporting various communities and causes
  • Personal growth and tools for success
  • Accessibility
  • Finding a niche in the community
  • Lightning talks

My impression of the program is there is something for a range of folks, whether you are coding all day or managing teams (or both!). I’m excited to learn something new and also connect with amazing folks in the Drupal community.

Register now and plan to attend a relaxed and fun 2-day virtual conference.

Tickets are affordably priced and still available. Three of us here at Osio Labs will be attending (our CEO, Addison Berry; People and Technical Support lead, Ashley Jones; and myself, Trainer and Production manager for Drupalize.Me). Feel free to say “hi” in the event chat room!

Get your ticket and we’ll see you (virtually!) this weekend at the 2021 DDI Camp!

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