Release Day: Configuring Content Translation in Drupal

Today we invite you to take a closer look at content translation in Drupal. Based on Chapter 8: Multilingual in Using Drupal, 2nd edition, these video tutorials provide a step-by-step visualization of the instructions and information detailed in the book.

When it comes to "content" on a Drupal site, it's not always straightfoward to find out where certain words and phrases displayed on the page can be edited. In these lessons, Addison Berry will guide you through content translation configuration by introducing you to a suite of modules that can enable you to translate the various forms of content on your site. She'll also cover content selection—so that your users can get to the content in the language they need—as well as translating values stored in Drupal's variables table, such as the site name and slogan.

Videos in this week's release:

There's more to learn about configuring multilingual sites in Drupal and next week we'll continue this series. In addition, we'll have a new set of videos on Symfony from our partners and PHP and Symfony training experts over at KnpUniversity.



It would be great to have some tutorials how to configure multilingual site, for example how to setup cateogry translation, nodes, maybe forums etc. and what are the consequences of decisions to site visitors and managing

For sure we will be covering all the new translation options when our D8 material starts to come out. Over several months we have been working on our D8 curriculum just waiting for a closer release date. We put out a survey on the most requested things to learn, Translation was not at the top of that list but certainly on the list!

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