Release Day: Drupal Ladder Teaches Git and the Issue Queue

This week we are continuing the free Drupal Ladder series with two more steps on the ladder. In the first video in the series we got a local Drupal site set up. In these two videos we move on to the two most important community tools for jumping in: Git and the issue queue.

  • Install Git walks through getting Git installed on your computer, and then using it to download, or "clone," a module from We also go through cloning the latest and greatest version of Drupal 8 so you can see the work in progress, and help out making Drupal even better.
  • Getting started in the issue queue gets you using the issue queue, which is the main workspace for the community. We take a quick look at the Drupal core issue queue, and then dive in to creating an issue, testing for a bug, and then reporting back our findings with a comment. We also see how to update an issue summary to keep things tidy and clear for everyone.

We're excited to keep this series moving along, and hope that you find these lessons useful, not just for contributing to Drupal core, but in your regular Drupal tasks.

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