Release Day: The Drupal Module Developer Guide Is Here!

We have been working for a long time on a new Drupal Module Developer Guide. We'll be sharing more about our process and approach, but today we want to simply announce, it's here!

The Drupal Module Developer Guide is an introduction to Drupal module development that:

  • Uses a project-based approach to learning
  • Covers the fundamentals of Drupal module development
  • Picks up where the Drupal User Guide left off, building the Anytown Farmers Market site
  • Helps people with some knowledge of PHP transition from Drupal Site Builder to Drupal Developer
  • Gives learners tangible wins, early and often, motivating students to keep learning!

The Drupal Module Developer Guide is comprised of over 80 tutorials organized into 14 chapters and is available in its entirety on Drupalize.Me.

Module Development
Drupal 8, 9, and 10

What’s next?

First, we're going to take a short break from content production and head to Portland for DrupalCon. Then, when we get back we'll be diving into recording videos for all the task tutorials in the new guide. As well as tightening up some other parts of our library that we identified as needing work during the development of this new guide.

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