Release Day: Keeping Git Clean and Working with Remote Repos

In this week's installment on the Introduction to Git series we take a look at cleaning things up, and working with remote repositories. Starting off, we work with the reset, clean, and revert commands to allow us to control which state of things we'd like to have our repository set to. We can use reset and clean to discard local work and get us back in sync with the repository. We can also use revert to actually move our checkout to any state we like from the repository history. Then we move on to working with a remote repository in addition to our own local that we've been using up to this point. Many times when you are using version control, you are working with other people on a team, so understanding how to get a copy of an existing repository, and keep everything in sync is very important. We'll cover the git clone, pull, push, fetch, and remote commands to get everything set up and synchronized. Then we wrap up this week with a look at git stash, which we can use to temporarily store our work.

Next week we'll be finishing up this series by working with patches, GitHub, and a few more neat tips and tricks.

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