Release Day: Symfony Video Tutorials Plus More Multilingual Drupal

Today we've got a bit of something for both site builders and developers: we'll wrap up our multilingual series based on Using Drupal, 2nd edition and release a brand new series of Symfony tutorials from our partners and PHP/Symfony training experts over at KnpUniversity.

We're happy to share the first six videos of the new series, Starting in Symfony2. For those who don't know Symfony2 is a popular PHP framework, and some of its pieces and related libraries have been incorporated into Drupal 8. You don't need to know Symfony in order to work with Drupal 8, but understanding how things work from the Symfony perspective certainly won't hurt your uptake of Drupal 8 concepts. You'll also get exposed to a really great tool in its own right. In addition to getting your feet wet with the basics of Symfony, like bundles, controllers, and routing, you will also learn about the Twig templating system (also included in Drupal 8), and the Doctrine PHP database library.

The tutorials to get you started with the basics this week are, and even better, the first four tutorials are free!

In addition to Symfony fun, we're going to wrap up the crazy world of configuring multilingual sites in Drupal. Addison Berry will help you make sense of it all in the final installment of video tutorials based on Chapter 8: Multilingual from Using Drupal, 2nd edition. In these tutorials, we'll continue to sort out and translate those stubborn bits of text lurking in the corners of content type configuration. Then, using a forum as an example, we'll look at understanding how to configure translation for taxonomy terms. Next, we've still got a stubborn menu item in our case study site that's hasn't been translated yet, so you'll learn how to translate menu items as well. Finally, we'll look at other modules that will help you take your multilingual site to the next level and we'll wrap up with a summary of what all was covered in this series.

This week's release of Using Drupal Chapter 8: Multilingual:

Next week, we'll continue the Starting with Symfony2 series with five new video tutorials.


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