Release Day: Two New Series on Media Module

This week we are starting off two new series at the same time to cover a very important topic for web sites today: Media Management. Almost every site out there needs to work with media in some way, whether it is just uploading images in your blog posts, or having to work with audio and videos in a variety of ways. In Drupal 7 the Media module has become the go-to solution for handling the full range of media needs. In addition to providing a unified way of uploading and displaying your media files, the module also provides a great media browser that lets you browse and reuse existing media across your site.

To explore what Media can do for us, we're diving back into the Using Drupal guide with Chapter 4: Media Management. When the book was written, it used the latest and greatest, but still unstable, version 2.x of the Media module. This means that a number of things have changed since the book was written, and it is still changing. Version 1 of Media has been stable for a long time, and is in very wide use today, so we're also publishing a companion series on Media 1.x that will run in parallel to the Using Drupal series: Working with Media Module in Drupal 7. You can check out both versions of Media module and see which one you want to work with.

We have two different case studies, and will build out two different examples between the two series, but they do both cover the same essential information. We're kicking things off this week with a review of the two case studies. In the Working with Media series, we'll build out our base example site first. For the Using Drupal series we'll then go directly to working with image styles.

Working with Media Module in Drupal 7

Using Drupal Chapter 4: Media Management

Next week, we'll keep both series rolling by taking a closer look at the Media module itself.

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