Learn Drupal's Layout Builder

Layout Builder, and the related ecosystem of modules, provides a set of powerful tools that allow content creators and site administrators to modify the layout of a page using a drag-and-drop interface. As well as a suite of APIs and extensions points to make it possible for module and theme developers to impose as much, or as little, control over the layouts as is necessary for your specific use-case.

In this series you'll learn how to configure and use Layout Builder to customize the layout of an entire content type, and for individual pages. We'll look at the Layout Builder ecosystem from the perspectives of an administrator, a content editor, and a developer.

Author, Anna Mykhailova

Anna, amykhailova on Drupal.org, is an Associate Director of Technology and certified Acquia Grand Master. She has extensive real-world experience using Layout Builder, and the various solutions that preceded it, to solve client's needs through her work as developer over the past 6 years.