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Module Development Essentials

PHP developers are excited that Drupal 8 has a new object-oriented framework with Symfony components. Are you ready to learn how to leverage these Symfony components in your Drupal 8 module? Then check out this new set of tutorials from our friends at KnpUniversity.

You'll learn some of the new Symfony concepts and tools used in Drupal 8 development, including routes, controllers, the services container, and events. You'll also learn to integrate new tools into your development workflow, including Drupal Console, Webprofiler (now part of Devel), Git, and Composer.

This series isn't just for Drupal 7 developers. If you're a PHP developer familiar with Symfony and you want to know how these components are used in the context of Drupal 8, this series is for you too.

Your trainer is Symfony documentation lead and Drupal community member, Ryan Weaver. He walks you through concepts and application in a custom module. By the end of this series you'll understand how to:

  • Set up a new module with a route and a controller
  • Get services out of the services container and into your module
  • Listen for events and respond to them
  • Utilize tools such as Drupal Console and Webprofiler in your development workflow

If you need a brush-up on object-oriented PHP and other key concepts, check out these prerequisite tutorials: