Views: Create Lists with Drupal

This collection of tutorials focuses on creating custom and dynamic lists with the latest version of Drupal. If you're new to Views, walk through Chapter 9 of the Drupal 8 User Guide to get up-to-speed with the basics.

Then, return here to learn more about displays, filtering, sorting, and exposing filter or sort criteria to users as an interactive form. Learn about concepts like relationships and contextual filters and how when they can be added and configured in a view. We'll also look at some some nuances in theming views, we'll take a look at the different templates that make up a view, and then we'll override a view's wrapper template.

Announcement: Sandboxes Now Available for Drupal 8 Views Tutorials

Author, Jonathan Daggerhart

Jonathan Daggerhart (daggerhart on is a Drupal and WordPress developer who has worked with and contributed to both systems for over a decade. He has presented at multiple Drupal and WordPress camps on topics for both beginner and expert developers. Jonathan is also an organizer of Drupal Camp Asheville.