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Views Module in Drupal for Drupal 7, 8, 9, and 10

A view is a listing of content on a website. The Views module handles the display of views, and the Views UI module allows you to create and edit them in the administrative interface. When you define views, you are taking data from your website and displaying it to the user.

Example tasks

You can create views to output practically any content entity that is stored in the system. For example, you can create the following lists using various display output for a farmers’ market site:

  • Vendors as a table
  • Recipes in a grid
  • The most recent content on the site as a bulleted list


We have high confidence in resources related to Views UI and the Views API are stable in Drupal core and is unlikely to change significantly.

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Drupal 7

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This next set of tutorials relates to controlling markup in Drupal when using the Views module. We’ll cover:

  • What affects markup in Views
  • Selecting an appropriate Views display format as a starting point for markup output
  • Customizing field markup
  • Customizing wrapper selectors and CSS classes
  • Accessing theming information in Views
  • Overriding Views template files

Additional resources

Views —

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The Views Bulk Operations (VBO) module is a great extension for the Views module, which allows you to add bulk operation checkboxes and actions to any view. You often see bulk operations on various Drupal core administration pages, like the content administration screen, which lets you select multiple pieces of content, and then perform an action, like publishing or deleting, on all items at the same time. VBO lets you add this to your administrative screens, which allows you to create very customized reports that also have time-saving actions available to them as well.

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  • Views module (
    • Official documentation for the Drupal core Views module.

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