Views for Developers

There's a reason Views is an essential core module in Drupal 8+. Its powerful UI is only a part of the story. Once you’ve realized the power of creating complex lists of nodes, users and other content via the Views UI, the next logical desire is to allow site builders and administrators to build queries with the content provided by your custom entities and database tables as well. In Views for Developers, we cover the ins and outs of the Views API. This series will take an in-depth look at Views' build and render cycle, altering a view before or after its rendered, altering a query, exposing your own database tables to the Views module, adding relationships, and exposing custom entities to Views.

Once you understand a bit more about how views works under the hood and how easy it is to tie in to that system you'll reimagine your solutions for all sorts of different problems.

Author, Anna Mykhailova

Anna, amykhailova on, is an Associate Director of Technology and certified Acquia Grand Master. She has extensive real-world experience using Layout Builder, and the various solutions that preceded it, to solve client's needs through her work as developer over the past 6 years.