Kyle Hofmeyer

Kyle Hofmeyer is an accredited film maker and video producer with Drupalize.Me. With over a decade of experience, he has worked on educational videos, animated shorts, and documentary films. Kyle's work extends beyond film making and he has been the on-screen talent for Drupalize.Me videos relating to Drupal site building, and Web development, and has assisted in teaching Drupal workshops on two continents.

Kyle is valued by his colleagues for his attention to detail in video production. From the setup of recording, all the way through to the final encoding of video files, Kyle is meticulous and persistent in his demand for quality work. He is constantly striving to find more efficient ways to produce premium videos for his audience. Kyle's work has helped individuals from NASA, NPR, Sony, and NBC Universal learn Web development.

In his spare time, Kyle loves to play with the latest tech gadgets. He is an early adopter of technology, but also an empathetic teacher who genuinely cares about the experience others have with the tools they use. A die-hard fan of the early Apple days, Kyle will enthusiastically engage in a this vs. that debate on the latest tools you are using. Kyle lives in North Carolina with his wife, two children, and a dog named Leia. He regrets the winter of 2014 and misses SCUBA diving off the coast of Florida.