Last updated June 9, 2021

Navigating the codebase of a Drupal project can be a tricky task. Using an integrated development environment (IDE) like PhpStorm can really help simplify many of these common tasks. PhpStorm, in particular, has excellent support for Drupal projects including code completion, syntax checking, and integration with things like version control systems and debugging tools.

Example tasks

  • More efficiently traverse the class hierarchies in Drupal 8
  • Manage the version control status of your code from within your editor
  • Avoid several types of bugs and mistakes thanks to the parameter hints and syntax checking provided by the IDE


PHPStorm uses a subscription pricing model, so they are always releasing new features. They are also quite good at updating their documentation and tutorials to ensure their accuracy with the latest version. The best source of documentation is on the JetBrains website. See the "External resources" below for links.

More Guides

We have guides on many Drupal skills and topics.

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External resources

  • Configuring a Drupal project in PHPStorm (
    • This JetBrains docs page shows how to configure PHPStorm for Drupal 6, 7, and 8 projects, and Drush.
  • PhpStorm Docs & Demos (
    • This is the official documentation on the JetBrains site. It also contains links to several cheat sheets and the plugin repository so you can add even more functionality to your IDE.
  • PhpStorm Tips (
    • This site contains a curated list of tips, accompanied by gifs demonstrating them in action.
  • PhpStorm for Drupal (
    • This documentation on will walk you through setting up a PhpStorm project specifically for Drupal. PhpStorm has built in support for Drupal projects, and this will help you get that configured properly.
  • Learn PhpStorm with PhpStorm Workshop project (
    • PhpStorm ships with a project of files that contain tutorials to help you learn more about the IDE itself.
  • Introducing to PhpStorm (
    • A very fast-paced demonstration of some of the navigation, code completion, and refactoring capabilities of the IDE.