Last updated October 1, 2020

Twig is a template engine for PHP, which is the language used in Drupal. Twig can be used for templates in generic PHP applications as well as Drupal 8 themes. The Drupal implementation of Twig is the same as regular Twig with a couple of Drupal additions. Drupal adds some custom filters and automatically handles the render pipeline for you. Anything you can do in regular Twig you can also do in Drupal's implementation of Twig.

Example tasks

  • Customize markup in templates for a Drupal 8 site
  • Use dynamic data from variables within template files
  • Customize markup in PHP applications that use Twig for templates


Resources on this page use both generic PHP applications as well as template files from Drupal 8 themes for context and examples. The Twig that is used in generic PHP applications can be used in Drupal templates as well. Note that Drupal has extended Twig and provides some Drupal-specific filters and functions. In some cases, these Drupal-specific functions or filters are preferable to their generic Twig counterparts.

Note that Drupal 8 currently uses Twig version 1.x, while Drupal 8.4 is slated to use Twig version 2.x (issue here). Some Twig features differ between these versions.

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External resources

  • Twig 2.x Documentation (
    • Official documentation for Twig. Contains a reference for tags, filters, functions, and tests, as well as information for template designers and developers looking to extend Twig with custom functionality.
    • Twig for Template Designers
      • This document describes the syntax and semantics of the template engine and will be most useful as reference to those creating Twig templates.
  • Twig in Drupal 8 (
    • Guide to community-contributed documentation on Twig as it is used in Drupal 8.