Drupal Base Themes: Stable and Classy for Drupal 8, 9

Last updated February 23, 2022
Up-to-date with minor version

Check your version

This tutorial covers a topic in Drupal 9 which may or may not be the version you're using. We're keeping this tutorial online as a courtesy to users of Drupal 9, but we consider it archived.

Drupal core comes with a few base themes: Stable, Stable 9, Classy, and Stark. Each one has a different intended use case. And all of them are useful as a reference for building your own themes.

In this tutorial we'll:

  • Learn what each of the base themes included in Drupal core is intended to be used for
  • Compare the output from the base themes with a focus on Stable and Classy

By the end of this tutorial you'll be able to explain the use case for each of the base themes included with Drupal core and make an informed decision about which, if any, to use when creating your own custom themes.

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