Extend or Alter Existing CSS and JavaScript Asset Libraries for Drupal 8, 9, and 10

As a theme developer you can extend an existing asset library to include custom CSS and/or JavaScript from your theme. This is useful when you want to add styles or behaviors to components provided by Drupal core or another module.

Sometimes there are CSS or JavaScript asset libraries attached to the page by Drupal core, a contributed module, or another theme, that do something you don't like, and you want to change it or even exclude it all together. There are a couple of different ways that themes can override, alter, or extend, an existing asset library in order to modify the CSS and JavaScript that get attached the page by other code belonging to another theme or module.

In this tutorial we'll learn how to:

  • Extend an existing asset library using libraries-extend, so that our custom CSS and JavaScript is included whenever that library is used.
  • Override an existing asset library using libraries-override, to alter the definition of the library, and replace or exclude individual assets (or the entire library).

By the end of this tutorial you should be able to use your custom theme to override, extend, or alter any of the asset libraries added to the page by another theme or module.

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