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Find, Add, Edit, and Delete Media Entities in Drupal for Drupal 8, 9, and 10

Media entities in Drupal are content entities, and can be administered like most other Drupal content entities. In most cases you'll likely add new Media entities via the Media Library widget when creating a new content entity like an Article. However, it's possible to add them to the library without having to attach them to a piece of content. You may also want to update an existing Media entity, or just search the library to see whether something already exists.

In this tutorial we'll:

  • Learn what a Media entity is in Drupal
  • Get an overview of the main Media management page
  • Learn how to add, edit, and delete, Media entities
  • Learn how to bulk edit Media entities in Drupal

By the end of this tutorial you'll know how to perform basic find, add, edit, and delete operations to manage the Media entities in your library.