Module Development

Understanding the $plugin Array for Drupal 7

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This tutorial covers a topic in Drupal 7 which may or may not be the version you're using. We're keeping this tutorial online as a courtesy to users of Drupal 7, but we consider it archived.

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The sole purpose of our custom module is to implement a hook that will tell the CTools API that we have a plugin. Next, in our plugin's ".inc" file, we'll walk through the extensive $plugin array, understanding how the keys and values of this array correspond to functions and parameters inside the plugin.

In this lesson, we will:

  • Hook into CTools inside custom module
  • Explore $plugin array

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to implement the correct hook for CTools and understand how to customize your own $plugin array.

Additional resources

The code for this plugin and module is located in sites/all/modules/demo_panestyles. See Companion Files to download the Files export, which also contains a demo site for Lessons 8-19 of Building Websites in Drupal 7 with Panels. Log in at /user with username "admin" and password "admin."