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Conclusion: Webform Basics

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  • 0:05
    with Amber Himes
  • 0:08
    In this Webform Basics series,
  • 0:10
    we started out with an introduction to why you would want to use
  • 0:13
    the Drupal contrib module Webform, to add basic forms,
  • 0:17
    such as surveys, or feedback forms to gather
  • 0:20
    data from your site's users.
  • 0:22
    In Lesson 2, we downloaded and enabled Webform module,
  • 0:26
    then we configured the Webform form content type defaults, and created
  • 0:31
    our first Webform node, to which we could
  • 0:33
    attach a form using the Webform module.
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Conclusion: Webform Basics


Amber wraps up the series and takes a look back at what we covered in Webform Basics — from downloading and installing Webform module to building our form to analyzing the results.

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