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This video covers a topic in Drupal 7 which may or may not be the version you're using. We're keeping this tutorial online as a courtesy to users of Drupal 7, but we consider it archived.

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Deploying Your Code

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Deploying Your Code


In this lesson we will take the code we have committed to our remote repository and manually push it to our production server. We will cover how to setup deployments on and the some of the advantages of using a tool like this.

A question we are commonly asked is: how did your production environment recognize the new feature?

Answer: Reverting a feature reverts it back to what is in code. So by updating the code it always looks to the code so there is no need to revert it. You usually revert a feature if you have made changes that are stored in the database and you need it to look back to the code as your database changes are not what you wanted or are wrong. If the changes you made in the database are what you want, then you update/recreate the feature.

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