Release Day: Introduction to Omega 3.x Is Complete

Finally the last Omega videos are out! This week we are wrapping up the Introduction to Omega 3.x series with some interesting customizations to our theme, and finishing things up. We'll be digging in to working with template variables in Omega, and see how that is set up a little differently than in a regular Drupal theme. With that done, we'll tackle a tricky wrapper problem by adding a new zone to our theme. Finally we'll finish up by taking advantage of Omega's responsive set up to make sure we deliver slightly different CSS for our mobile sizes, versus our regular browser sizes.

You're ready to be an Omega theming wizard now, and we hope you've found this series helpful. We are getting our Coding for Drush series tidied up and ready to go for you, and in the meantime, next week we will be adding a few videos to the Command Line Basics series.

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