Release Day: Omega CSS and Templates

In this week's release we have three more Introduction to Omega 3.x videos. Now that we have a lot of our settings in place, we'll learn how to save those settings by exporting them. This will allow us to reuse these settings on other sites, and make sure that we have a back up in case something gets messed up while we configure the site. After we have our export completed, we'll be diving in to the world of Omega's CSS and template files. We take a tour of the various CSS files, explain what they are doing, and show how they work together. Then we get to start making our theme look the way we want by beginning to set up our global CSS file, and adjusting the HTML to our needs with a custom region template file.

Next week, we'll be finishing up the Omega series and our 960 Robots Omega sub-theme.

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